ELT Baptist Church


Since the Bible reveals not only what we believe, but what we do as a church, we take membeship seriously at East London Tabernacle. In his teaching, the Lord Jesus Christ speaks of our accountability to one another within local churches--as do the apostles and other writers of the New Testament. Church membership is the way we formally express both our commitment to love each other and our commitment to work together as a church for the kingdom of Christ.

Membership is a formal declaration that you belong to a local church. When you become a new member you agree to care for, love, serve and take responsibility for the local church, and accept the local church’s care, love, service and responsibility for you.

We have members’ meetings quarterly. We hear news from different church ministries, are introduced to prospective members, discuss practical matters such as building work, and vote on matters proposed by the elders.

We encourage all regular attenders of ELT to become members. A membership course is offered once a month on request and usually runs on a Saturday morning until noon.

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