ELT Baptist Church

Adult Christian Education

In addition to Sunday preaching ELT provides Christian education or training for adults. This happens in various forms throughout the year.

Once a week:

Bite-size School of Theology

Every Tuesday from 1:10 to 1:45 pm there is a short lunchtime theology talk at the Protestant Truth Society Bookshop at 184 Fleet Street in the City of London. This includes a short discussion on a book or Bible passage usually led by Dr Kenneth Brownell.

Theology Group

At various points throughout the year, depending on interest, there is a theology discussion group that meets at ELT on Wednesday evenings. Usually the group reads through and discusses a significant theological book.

Once a month:

Credo Course

This is a two year course that runs in a cycle so that anyone can join at any time. It meets on the first Monday of every month. In the first year, it covers a Bible overview and the Gospel-centred life. In the second year it covers Bible doctrine and the Gospel-centred church. There are two text books for each year and homework to be done in between sessions.  Please click here to find out more

Thinking like a Christian

On the third Sunday afternoon of each month there is Thinking like a Christian (TLAC) after the Lord’s Supper. In these sessions, important issues are raised and discussed in the light of Scripture.

Transforming Work

 Transforming Work is an innovative, liberating  resource for Christians in the workplace - whether  you've been working for one year or forty years -  offering a distinctive blend of ingredients. It brings  together a group of like-hearted people for eight  sessions over a year, creating space between  gatherings to reflect, to try things out, and to  pray... and leaving time for seeds to grow,  discoveries to be made, change to happen and for  God to do what only he can do.

Once a term:

Saturday Seminars

We aim to hold Saturday morning seminars three times a year (autumn, winter and spring). In them a topics are addressed by various outside speakers. The seminars are particularly concerned with practical aspects of Christian living and ministry.

Once a year:

Conference on Reformed Theology

Beginning in the autumn of 2016 we are planning the first annual conference on Reformed Theology directed towards young people living in London.