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Credo: Strengthen your faith

What does the word Credo mean? /ˈkriːdəʊ,ˈkreɪdəʊ/noun: "a statement of the beliefs or aims which guide someone's actions.

So join us as we enjoy a survey of Church history and witness God's faithfulness over the last 2,000 years.

How: We're using 'Christianity: The Biography' by Ian J. Shaw
When: The second Monday of each month, at 8pm.
Where:  ELT Baptist Church, Burdett Road, E3 4TU
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Session Notes
October 8

Chapters 1-3 "Why Study Church History?" and "The Birth of the Church" pg. 1-29

Credo- Session 1
November 19 Chapters 4-5 "The Early Church Before Constantine" pg. 42-64 Credo- Session 2
December 10th Chapter 6 "Constantine, Nicaea & Chalcedon" p.65-79 Credo- Session 3
January 14th Chapter 7-9 "The rise of Christendom" p.80-120 Credo- Session 4
February 11th Chapters 10-11 "The Gradeur and Decay of the Medieval Church" p.121-146 Credo- Session 5
March 11th Chapter 12-13 "Reformation and Counter Reformation" p.147-175 Join Us!
April 8th Chapter 14 "Puritanism and Reformed Orthodoxy" p.176-189 Join Us!
May 13th Chapters 15-16 "Revival and Revolution" p.190-216 Join Us!
June 10th Chapters 17-20 "Christianity in the Modern Age" p. 217-268 Join Us!
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