ELT Baptist Church


Credo: Faith Seeking Understanding

Credo: A monthly session to help deepen faith and renew the mind.

This year we are studying  Church History - see God's faithfulness to his people across two thousand years.
We meet on Mondays, generally the second Monday of the month, at 8pm.
We are working through 'Christianity: The Biography' by Ian J. Shaw

October 8th– Why study Church History? & The birth of the church: Chapters 1-3 p.1-29.

November 19th– The early church before Constantine: Chapters 4-5 p.42-64.             

December 10th– Constantine, Nicaea & Chalcedon Chapter 6 p.65-79.

January 14th- The rise of Christendom Chapters 7-9 p.80-120.

February 11th– The Grandeur and Decay of the Medieval Church Chapters 10-11 p.121-146.

March 11th– Reformation and Counter Reformation Chapters 12-13 p.147-175

April 8th– Puritanism and Reformed Orthodoxy Chapter 14 p176-189

May 13th- Revival and Revolution Chapters 15-16 p.190-216 

June 10th– Christianity in the Modern Age Chapters 17-20 p.217-268

Time: 8pm
Venue: ELT Baptist Church, Burdett Road, E3 4TU
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Bite-size School of Theology

Every Tuesday from 1:10 to 1:45 pm there is a short lunchtime theology talk at the Protestant Truth Society Bookshop at 184 Fleet Street in the City of London. This includes a short discussion on a book or Bible passage usually led by Dr Kenneth Brownell.