ELT Baptist Church

Leadership and Staff

Ayo Olajide

Community Evangelist

Ayo Olajide was born in London but spent his formative years in Nigeria, where he was raised in a charismatic christian home but he himself did not know Christ until later on.  He can’t specifically tell you when he became a Christian but the reality of Christ as Lord  dawned on him when he started hanging out with a couple of guys who lived out the reality of the gospel in a way that was natural and culturally accessible.  Shortly after graduating from university he worked in the finance and IT world and played semi pro basketball.  He later on went to Bible College in the states and did an associates in theology. He came back to the UK and worked as a secondary school teacher and basketball coach while serving in his local church at the time.  A few years later he returned to the states to be a pastoral intern at  a local church in DC with an emphasis on Ecclesiology.  He has been back in the UK short of 3 years. He has a passion for the de-churched people group. Ayo is married to Rachel and they live in Hackney London.