ELT Baptist Church


Sermon Notes

Implications for the church:

  1. Christ appoints leaders; it is the church's role to discern his mind (1:18; 3:1-13; Eph 4:11)
  2. If the church is to fight false teaching, it needs godly leaders in appropriate roles (3:1-13)
  3. It does not necessarily follow that the most gifted men and women are the most suitable (1:20; 2 Tim 2:17; 2 Tim 4:14)
  4. It is clear that those who start well do not always continue well, and so we must use this text to encourage leaders and pray (1:20)
  5. We are not looking for perfectly formed leaders, but we should see godliness and progress (3:1-13; 4:15)
  6. Having said all this, gifting is not unimportant (v2, v4, v10, v12)
  7. Good leaders benefit the church AND "save themselves" (3:13; 4:16)
  8. Leaders also teach by example, so their flourishing is for our good (3:1-13; 4:12)
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